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Oct 26, 1999
KXJen emailed me this morning to say she's okay (thank god for that),
but unfortunately she is missing a good friend. I think most of us
women are pretty similar in that even though we've not met, we think
of each other as friends & family and we'll look after each other
how we can.

I'm just asking you all to send your prayers & thoughts toward Jen at
this time and pray that she'll be able to give us some good news when
she's able.

Sorry for bringing this into the women's forum. - (I'm struggling for
words here, so I'll leave it at that).

edit - Jen doesn't know I've posted this, so I ask you all not to inundate
her email, but rather post here or wait until she has okayed my
sharing this news with you all. I went to delete the post, but really
do feel we can share with her at this time - I've also asked her to
email Okie or Lori if she wants the post deleted.
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