May 19, 2007
Have the problems with bleeding the kyb twin chambers like on the 05 yz's been fixed on the 06 yz's or are they still the same?? I read an article on here about drilling holes in the piston and adding spacers. Any info on the twim chambers would be great! I have rebuilt the single chambers like on the 03 Yz but I am trying to decide if i want to tackle the new twim chambers. Thanks :cool:


Aug 23, 2002
I have had my 05 since new. I ride in nasty rocks and roots and your suspension needs to be plush to race in these conditions. 2 places have revalved them and they are still horrible. I'm taking them off today and dropping them off to the best suspension period place. These forks suck. I wish I had 04 forks on my bike. Atleast then I could work on them and I know those forks can be made to work well.
Stick with the old style forks, your better off.
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