Apr 7, 2000
Nor Cal DRN members and D36 members help is needed in the Georgetown, Ca.

LAO Issue
Please read the note below I received from CERA requesting help with this project. We need your help to keep our riding areas open and if we want to have races in this and other areas. If you can help on this weekend or others please contact me at Thank you for your support of the sport Alan Plumbridge D 36 Enduro Steward

We've talked in the past about the situation at Georgetown, but let me give you some specifics. A ten-year EIS was completed on the Rock Creek (Georgetown) area last year. This in combination with the more stringent soil standards now required to obtain California OHV Commission (Green Sticker) funds, has resulted in several trails at Georgetown, including some we frequently use for the Fools Gold Enduro, being assessed in 'Red' Status. This means that these trails have been damaged or at risk to being damaged due to a lack of drainage, excessively steep climb, etc. Once a trail has been assessed as Red, there is a six-month period to repair it. If after six months it is not repaired, the trail is closed. Once the trail is closed, it must be repaired and another process begins to re-open it. If a trail is repaired within the six-month period to a 'Yellow' or 'Green' status, the trail is considered in good standing, and can be used for enduros or whatever. CERA has already repaired several trails, but over 10 remain as 'Red', with the end of the six-month period sometime in March. Some of the trails in 'Red' status are absolutely required for us to put on a Fools Gold (almost every trail in or out of the Mace Mill staging area is Red!).

We have a detailed plan that we have worked out with the USFS to tackle these trails, with them doing some work, and us doing some work. We also have commitments from other user groups like equestrians to help out. I'd like to solicit your help in getting as many Timekeepers and other D36 people to help us at Georgetown with a work day on January 20th. We will likely drive in to the various areas that need work, and use our own and USFS-provided tools to make water bars, fill ruts, and 'detail out' these Red trails. I can write something official up for the website if needed, I just need to confirm some details (where to meet, what to bring, etc.) from Rick Guidice, who is CERA's LAO.

The good news is that once these Red trails are fixed, the EIS calls for over 30 miles of new trails to be constructed in the Rock Creek area. Making trails is much easier than fixing them, so CERA will be sure to make these trails single-track in nature, and very Fools Gold-friendly.

A Work Party date has been Set for Saturday January 27th.

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