Jul 6, 2001
i have trouble laying the bike down in corners on my 97cr250,i put weight on the outside peg but that seems like it helps wheelspin,some 1 told me to push agaist the shroud but my bike is so skinny its hard 2,any tips?


Jan 5, 2001
I find it easy to just push the handlebars down into the turn and not lean, but have the center of your body become an extension of the ouside edge of the seatcover. I.E. put your buttcrack on the outside edge of the seat cover. This technique rulz and has let me take sweepers without letting off and take tight turns a gear higher and follow ruts better and more confidently as well.
Buttcrack on outside edge
Push the bike down with the handlebars


May 20, 2001
Try countersteering consciously. That is, if the turn is to the left, turn the bars right when you want to lean. Like magic, the bike will tip over to the left. Try this on flat ground first :)


Mar 25, 2001
Look Ahead!!

I was having trouble with that in the begining of the spring and I had step back and look at what I was doing and I realized I was looking down at my line instead of the exit of the turn or down the next straight away.

Look at your line as you approach the turn and as soon as you get to it immediatley turn and look as far ahead as you can to the next obsticle and the bike will follow your head. Worked wonders for my corner speed.


Aug 23, 2001
What KC_bigdog_51 says is a good idea. We used that same technique when racing autos. Use it with whatever body lean/bike combination you come up with.


Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
Just curious - are you a little light for your 250?

I raced my first two races this year with the stock suspension in my 125 (set up for a 160-170 lb. rider - I weight 125 lbs.) and layed the bike over in corners in both races. My front tire just wouldn't stick in a turn.

THEN I got my suspension revalved/resprung and 20-something races later - haven't layed it over in a corner yet (knock on wood!!) :confused:

Maybe that's the case with you/maybe it isn't... but my best advice would be PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Practice "sitting" into the corners. Slide/sit up on the tank into the corner - inside leg out for balance - lean the bike into the turn - and put your weight directly over/on the tank (you should be sitting slightly on the outside of the tank if the bike is layed over some). Hope that makes sense - it does in my head :)


Jan 19, 2000
it may just be your survival reflexes kicking in. Your amount of lean depends on your speed/ radius of your turn. It will be (mentally) extremely difficult to lean any different than you are.

Just as a drill, remind yourself that you aren't rigidly attached to the bike. Slide to the outside edge of your seat, and allow yourself to sit at an angle (side to side) to the bike. You can do this even in a straight line- lean yourself to one side and the bike has to lean (a little) to the other side.

This is the only way to lean the bike more in the same turn at the same speed.

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