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Jul 19, 2000
Just wanted to invite any and all to ride with us at Turkey Bay OHV Area in Land Between the Lakes tomorrow. We'll probably get there around 9 am and ride until dark.

Anyone is welcome! Weather is going to be perfect!

Send me an email or call if you need directions or info.

FYI, Turkey Bay is 2500 acres with approx. 200 miles of trails (they advertise 100 miles, but are way off)

3 day pass is $15. Annual pass is $60.
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Aug 24, 2000
I wish we could make it Corey. The time Eddie and I came down, we had a total blast. Linton (I thinks that's what it's called) was cool too. Many good times, from Paddy blessing us with a little (or not so little) butt blast on the storm door at the cabin, to the not so good times when the guy at the end of the table at dinner choked on something, he lived, so all is good.

SFCCrash and his endo into the creek was priceless, as well as the downhill smash into the tree at LBL. I swear, I felt the ground shake when he hit that tree .... helmet and goggles all half off his head ... and he says "I'm going to need a minute here". LMAO

I was beat by the end of that weekend, but made some great new friends in the process. We got back to St. Louis, and I still had another 6 hour drive to get back home to Iowa. Well worth it!

Squeaky and I have plans to move to SC by next spring, so that will shave off some hours on the drive. I really want to ride there again. Hope to see you next summer, I needs me some more of those frog legs at the diner!

Tell everyone I said "hi", and have a great ride!


P.S. Funny how the intro slide show for the LBL website doesn't show any dirtbikes :think:


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Jul 19, 2000
Hey Rooster! Those were some fun times for sure! Hopefully we can get the crew back up here sometime and do it again. I'm going to try and organize some rides like I used to. At least one a year. It was pretty fun having a spring ride and a fall ride.

I was telling someone about the Paddy butt blast just the other day! We saw Mike and Paddy at LL's a few weeks ago. Was good to see some of the ole crew. I'm really missing the big rides we used to have. I had about a two year break from riding and am REALLY loving getting back into it.

I wish Eddie was still around here. I gotta say, I miss him and Aimee. Great folks! (I haven't had tri-tip since they moved back to Cali) :ohmy:

I forgot about the SFC hitting the tree! That was pretty nasty! And the bruise he had was unreal! I've got to find all those pictures. Somehow they didn't make it over to the new laptop. I hope I have them on CD.

I haven't been on DRN in a while. Anyone heard from Sarge lately?

And yeah....LBLs website it pitiful. Look at the bike photo on the Turkey Bay Trails page...a little outdated!

Good to hear from you Bruce!

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Jan 23, 2000
Glad to see your back,Cal.

Dang, I wish I could ride,but I've been out of riding for almost 2 1/2 years because some guy decided he wanted to drive down the wrong side of the road and hit me head on doing about 40 mph,anyway long story short I lived with horrible back pain for all that time and I finally decided enough was enough,so I had disk replacement in the thorasic area of my back about 2 weeks ago.If the Lord is willing I will start back doing some riding next spring....I'll be keeping my eye on this forum next spring when hopefully I'll be mostly pain free,and able to get back to having a life again.


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