Oct 31, 2007
I have a 2005 Honda CRF 230F that seems to have a leaky gas tank. It looks like the slow leak is coming from the under side of the tank where there are nuts embedded in the plastic of the tank. The nuts are embedded there to receive bolts to hold the tank to the frame. Has anyone else had this problem and can the tank be repaired?



Apr 18, 2006
If it is leaking there then it is probably due to a crack in the plastic. The embedded nuts should not penetrate the tank wall so there shouldn't be anything to leak, normally.

The bad news is that it is almost impossible to repair a plastic tank. Your best bet is to find a replacement, either after market or stock.



Nov 18, 2003
...as $$$ as tanks are, i would def try searching the web for a fix b 4 springing for a new tank.
1. first VERIFY that it is indeed a crack, or merely leaky gasket/s
2. try having it plastic-welded
3. most nail-polishes will seal well and is gas-proof for about a year. it also flexes some, unlike jb weld/epoxy.
4. ppg paints (and others) now make a gas-proof paint specifically for plastic surfaces; if u cannot find it, go to your local automobile paint supply store (where the body shops buy their paint). u can use this if your chic (or man-friend seeing as how u ride a honda) has no paint for her nails...
5. do NOT use silicon, as it has been my experience that even the copper flavor will ball up in tiny balls once immersed in gasoline for a time, wreaking utter havoc to your carb jets!

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