Apr 30, 2007
I checked most of the threads here, but cannot for the life of me find how long pants are supposed to be.

Being a newbie to gear, I ordered a pair of fox women's 180 pants, but I'm pretty sure that they're too small. When I stand, the cuffs hardly reach my ankles! The next size up will fit my waist better, but will only be a half inch longer according to the specs! I was going to send them back right away, but one of my aquaintences said that they are made short so they don't get bulky when they get tucked into boots.

How should motocross pants fit?



Oct 19, 2006
There are two types, the kind that fit over boots and the kind that tuck in. Over-boot pants should fit like normal pants. Tuck-in pants are generally short. Mine, tuck-in, go slightly more than half way down my calf.

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