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Dec 26, 1999
Keep in mind that DirtWeek is already a massive undertaking and that the people that make it happen put more effort in to it than many will ever know. I'm sure there is always room to improve or even make things simpler and I can't guarentee any of the suggestions will be implemented but let's see what everyone has to say.


Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
-If you race you flag at least one of the other classes, period. If you don't want to help you don't get to play.

-All generators off by 10pm.


Sep 3, 2001
Good stuff:

1. Name tags-mud-proof and didn't fall off

2. The free numbers for the races-sure beats black tape!

3. Porta krapper service was good for the most part

4. MX track layout (both tracks): very safe!  I actually expected more changes since last year, but that's ok.  The double double section was very cool.

5. Hare scrambles course: wow...very cool!  We don't have anything like that here.  Great job laying out the course, making the bridges, etc.!!!

6. Trials class and slow race: Huge thanks to Offroadwarrior, Patman, Lori, Randy, and Mike Snook for making this one of the highlights of the week!  The handout materials are a great tool even though I don't have a trials bike.

7. Jack and Diannes-awesome food and thanks for brining ice! 

8. The folks in the yellow trailers definitely saved the day for many.  I needed an odd ball sprocket and they had not one but two on hand!  These guys bring all the right stuff to an event/race.  Anyone hear how many tires they changed/sold? 

9. Nightly campfire: :flame: The perfect way to wind down each day of riding, with Saturday night being the absolute best!  Times like these define "dirtweek" to me, possibly even more so than any of the events.  It's the people!

10. Chili cookoff: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :flame:


Possible improvements:

1. Meeting and event start times: Many folks didn't bring watches, get distracted, etc.  Some of the meetings and events didn't start on time.  Usually this is just another opportunity to socialize under the big top, but at times a person may be have work to do on their bike, cooking to do, etc.  I would suggest a loud horn, p.a. system or just someone going through the pits announcing meetings.  Give a 5 minute warning, then start the meeting at the scheduled time.

2. The dry erase board with the schedule for the day could be posted somewhere where it could be viewed from a bike.

3. Generators: this is a camping trip.  My vision of camping doesn't include a loud generator droning in my ear.  And many folks were unfortunate enough to be parked closer to generators than we were.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to talk without raising your voice, and maybe even hear a few coyotes at night?  I never did get a good explanation on why so many folks were running the generators.  Why does a $50,000-$200,000 RV have a $.79 muffler on the generator?  Having separate areas for tents and RVs isn't the solution.  The best solution I can come up with is for people to run the generators in the middle of the day during riding time, charge up the batteries, and shut them off around supper time.  Quite honestly, if you are sitting in the RV you are missing out on possibly the best part of dirtweek: the socializing with all of the great people!

4. MX Track/campground garbage cans: Maybe the last two dirt week events spoiled me, but both at Casey in '01 and last year at Cooperland, the MX track was groomed on a regular basis (and watered if needed).  I didn't see much of that this year.  The tracks were definitely rideable, but not what I expected.  Some of the jumps had some wicked kickers and ruts on the faces.  Also it was tough keeping up with everyones garbage.  I'm sure Kris was very busy all week with many things and it appeared he was trying to do about everything by himself-maybe next year he will want to hire a guy or two to help out during dirtweek to keep up. 

5. Dirt Bag Band: Don't know all the details of why this didn't happen, but many folks would have enjoyed it!

6. This may only be a negative thing "in my opinion".  As the event grows, what I would call "the core group" (those who post regularly and/or participate in other DRN events) gets watered down by other attendees and constitues a lower % of the total attendees.  All else being equal, I would expect  the trend to continue next year.  Also, the bigger the event, the more difficult it is to organize events and everything else (great job folks!).  For me, this begins to detract from the original concept (as I perceive it anyway) of the event.  I still had a great time regardless. 
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Aug 30, 2002
This was my first year, and i definitely enjoyed it. Overall, I thought the organization was very good. The sponsors and give aways were also great. The people were all very nice and accomodating, and cooperland is just the greatest track!! I agree, it would be nice to have a better communication forum for when things will be late or off schedule, like the loud speaker idea. Personally, i hve no problems with the generators, they are as much a part of motocross as motorcycles, but I appreciate those who tried to keep the noise down by shairing with neighbors. My biggest disappointment was when they shut down the track Friday. I hate seeing injuries as much as anyone, and in fact I was one of the first to respond to that last incedent, but accidents are a part of our sport. It wasn't the tracks fault, and we had all come there to ride, which then we couldn't do. This just forced more people onto the little tracks which then got more dangerous. Finally, next year could you make sure the weather is perfect 100% of the time instead of just 80% (just kidding). overall though, great job, hope to come back next year!! ;)


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Dec 26, 1999
next year if we are fortunate enough to have Briggs (Zoomer) and Proclean sponsor the bike wash materials we should look at renting a large capacity water tank. There has to be a farmer or coop in the area with a 1000 gal or bigger. We would have to set a fee if you want to wash the bike and please people they are DIRTbikes so don't be spit polishing the shine every time you fire it up.


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Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
I know the local fertilizer outfits around here set one up for about $600 for the summer, can't remember what size we got, but I think it's 10,000 gallon . . . good idea oldguy


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Jul 28, 2000
First and foremost, can we do something to ensure that Okie & his family do not get any more responsibilities than they already have? I was a little bummed that I didn't see Okie or Thump in their gear even once. That just didn't feel right. And Scooter, Crispy, Jim, Shiftless, Pokie and Kristen all looked as if they'd been through an IRS audit, two weddings, Thanksgiving dinner and a root canal by Saturday night. I felt pretty bad.

I have one suggestion (more to come, I'm sure)- it seems like the one quad they had to share was always in demand. With them being so busy and Cooperland being so spread out, I think we should try to get them at least one more to use for the week.


Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
I agree on both points Zio. I'd rather create less work and more fun for everybody involved. Simplifying or spreading the load is about the only solution.


May 3, 2001
I agree with all the good things listed above as well as some of the areas of improvement. Re: water, I understand from discussing this for the SpodeWash around Camp Tejas that Kris has access to a city water line. However, a line would need to be run and there may be a connect fee. That sounds like a VERY good project to help with before next year for so many reasons...

I also believe we have to enforce a rule that seems obvious but clearly wasn't: big bikes and little bikes cannot be on the track at the same time. Not for practice, not for photos, not at all. I saw this too many times and we're lucky we didn't have more injuries as a result of it. As DW grows this will get worse if it's not enforced. So just like our local tracks do, we need to plan a set time each day to close the track for kids.

The next step up would be to have more structured moto practices with at least minimal flaggers, but that's a lot of time/people commitments and seems to lose some of the DW spirit. To me this is like a larger, extended version of one of our club's monthly family days and too much structure would take away from it. Knowing there are times each day the track is closed for big bikes should remind people this is a fun family event vs. an extended race weekend.

So the other thing to think about are all the trophies for race winners. This was my first DW and Okie told us when we were lined up for our moto that this was just for fun, there were no points, etc. Thus, I was quite surprised to see plaques given out for 1-3 places in each class of the moto and HS (also yet more work for the organizers). I understand this was not previously done and people complained about that so this will be a tough one. It seems to me the thing people need to decide is how much we want to encourage competition vs. safety and fun for all. My fear is if we keep rewarding competition, accidents will get worse as DW grows and in the end the only racing allowed will be the Pro race.


Sep 3, 2001
I agree with much of your post, Doug.

Both tracks did have specified times for small bikes, although this may not have been enforced.  Maybe we could clear all of the bikes off of the track, then post a sign (maybe the "flip over" type) indicating who is up for the next session and start again.

I was one of the guys on a "big" bike cutting laps on the smaller track...I was there because I actually have more fun on that track due to the tight corners and technical stuff (also as a whole it was in better shape than the big track).  A big "I'm sorry" to anyone I aggravated being there.  I did my best to look out for the little bikes, give them plenty of room, and help them up when needed.  The smallest guys out there (some of which were unsupervised) may have been better off on the kiddie track near the start of the woods course, but the location of that track makes it less convenient.

Regarding the powerwasher: it just isn't practical to try to keep 300 bikes clean in muddy weather with one power washer.   I spent a total of about 7 minutes on the power washer all week and got by just fine using a plastic spatula and a few other tools.   No complaints from our camp on the powerwasher, other than it would have been handy for cleaning up a specific areas of the bike for maintenance and repairs.
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Nov 24, 2000
Originally posted by dkortje
Finally, next year could you make sure the weather is perfect 100% of the time instead of just 80% (just kidding).

the forecast for this week is for highs in the upper 70's, lows in the mid 50's and no rain. it figures. :silly:


Dec 31, 1969
All points taken....
Just got home and won'[t address them all, but will say that next year, there will be some changes. First and foremost will be track scheduling. FYI; there will be only one way on and one way off the track as Kris completes the fencing, making enforcement a lot easier. There will be practice sessions and flaggers in place anytime the big track is open. This was the first year we saw so many and so many skill levels on the track at the same time. I expect the sessions to last all day, each day, just depends on how many flaggers we can get... for sure; if you ride, you will do some time flagging.

We "should" have water next year and at least some electricity.

The PA system should also be in-place next year, through-out the pits.

More later.


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Jan 24, 2002
This was my first DW and let me say THANKS to Okie Pokie Shiftless Thump and all the others I know I'm forgetting it was a GREAT TIME. I have been to a lot of races etc and have never seen more cooperation and lesss bitchin'. I would agree with a couple of the points made above, the sign for track access is a great idea and I might be able to come up with one, I also think from Wed. on we might have to organize practice times (A/B C/kids) and maybe some of us could voluteer to flag the practices we aren't riding ( I know I would) as more people come each year and many of them are not familiar with "track behavior" this might be a wise thing, I know that the accidents on Friday hit Okie hard, maybe the rest of us could kind of lessen that burden. And speaking as one of the guys who didnt bring his watch an alarm for the meetings is a great idea. I really loved the campfire, chili cook off tag team MX and trials class , next year I think I might have to rig up a light for the nighttime poker run, I can't really complain about the generators, I had so much fun everyday i probably coule have slpet throught a bombing run!


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Apr 17, 2002
I know I wasn't there, but I hear that people were speeding through the pits... I for one will not tolerate that when I'm there next year. I'd suggest 'punishing' those who act wreckless. If you get caught speeding through the pits or causing problems on the trail courses you lose your riding privileges for the day, even if there is a race. Safety needs to be a priority with that many people in one area. Just my $0.02.


Apr 28, 2003
Originally posted by dirty~d~
[]I know I wasn't there, but I hear that people were speeding through the pits... I for one will not tolerate that when I'm there next year. I'd suggest 'punishing' those who act wreckless. If you get caught speeding through the pits or causing problems on the trail courses you lose your riding privileges for the day, even if there is a race. Safety needs to be a priority with that many people in one area. Just my $0.02. [/]

Does that apply to mooning? Still trying to forget the night time Poker Run. I think I got "the butthole salute" about 5 times that night. :whiner:


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Jan 17, 2000
As for the speeding in the pits... for the most part it was by children (exception being Stan going brap, brap, brap and looking at the roost everywhere he went). Oldguy had a good suggestion that I agree with. You tell them once, then the second time you impound their bike and have their parents come get it.

Maybe flaggers could be rewarded with some of the giveaways that way parents that don't ride will be inclined to volunteer? Lord knows we had plenty of give away stuff this year.

The only thing I am certain of is that there will be A LOT more planning for the next one.

Tony Eeds

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Jun 9, 2002
Originally posted by gospeedracer
Can I volunteer to be the impounder?! :p

I second the nomination .... all in favor?
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