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Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
Just checked the latest issue. I find it very amusing how rabid many of the letters were with regard to the noise issue being a sticking point for the review. It was pretty clear to me the bikes needed to meet a few basic requirements and sending a bike that wasn't setup for maximum quiet was basically a pretty big mistake. Comparing it to the DRN entry that did in fact pass is missing the point that the DRN bike was running a system designed specifically for that application and had the USFS certification as well as being marketed as a quiet system by the manufacturer. Given a bit more time sure maybe other measures could have been taken but the bottom line is the bike passed and would pass any ranger check.

It's also pretty obvious that not everyone knows just how much time JL puts in the the trail system, specifically the one that was used the first day. The misconception associated with the "closed" trail may never be totally accepted as a mis-read of just what uses the trail was closed for but it's a very big error to think that JL would just run wherever he wanted because he's JL :laugh: .

Overall I think the I Bike issue was a good "real world" take on things. I think each forum did a good job given the constraints they were given. I think no matter what there will always be some disagreement about the facts vs. the facts but dragging it out for then 6 months would seem to be a detrimental course, especially when it's pretty obvious the "issues" are more from mis-information than from factual information.


AssClown SuperPowers
Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
While I'm a little disappointed that our bike didn't come in under the noise constraints, I will agree that a 2-stroke at 97 decibels *SEEMS* quieter than a 4-stroke at the same level. Plus, JL said that it was within the range allowed. That, and the fact that it's a USFS approved system all count for something.

I'd like to see a shootout to see who could build the quietest bike, yet still have it perform on the same level.


Feb 9, 2000
Well last month's DR was my last issue, not because of the article - I just haven't renewed my subscription ... it expired about two years ago :p

Anyway, my take on the whole biker build off, was that the article was not unbiased and it was pretty unfair to the TT DRZ - and I don't think the DRZ's noise was the 'real' issue. Not being able to ride it because of the broken stator - was what it was all about - having a broken bike you really want to ride is enough to 'P' anyone off. Having a $20k bike that is broken is even more frustrating.

My other take on the build off, and the issue of bias - DR.com were show up to be the - dare I say - weakest (small board participation) of the bunch - no disrespect to JL ! - They put a nice little bike together with limited input, and were probably totally taken aback by what the other boards put together, they were overpowered by the biker boards. It may have been an altogether humbling experience.

I think it was mind blowing, especially to the DR.com crew that boards like DRN and TT could come up with bikes even they would have a hard time putting together (never mind imagining) - they were shown the immense power of the Internet, and I think it knocked their socks off - DRN with a $15k bike and TT with their $19k DRZ - it blew them away - it blew me away. What is also seriously impressive is that this was done by so called - non-professionals - is just BIG - it really shows that the real world is so much bigger and maybe even more talented than the itty bitty cocoon of pro racers and their fairly limited circle they live in.

OK, it wasn't a competition, and was intended to showcase the Internet and bike forums - which it did ! - I'm pretty impressed by all who participated, all the entries - it really showcased just how loyal members of these forums are, their grit, determination and even competitiveness - thank God our foo foo school system has not altogether erased this from our character. The internet really has done us weekend bikers a favor - it has been good to us. It really brings us together - yeah we may lay down the smack now and again, but when we get together to ride - all that pettiness is forgotten - we get together and ride, have fun, be friends.

Dang, where is DW06 when you need it !!

Maybe Okie and Jimmy Lewis should be taling turkey about DW and relegate this stuff to the back pages. :ride: