Dec 4, 2000
I have a 2001 520EXC and after 25 original miles I took off the headlight and odometer assemblies and installed a front number plate to run hare scrambles.

At the conclusion of the racing season (we don't race to much in the summer down here in Florida because its too hot and creates additional health problems) I wanted to rida an enduro so I reinstalled the headlight and odometer assemblies. When doing so, one of the electrical connections on the bottom of the headlight switch pulled out if its "pressed on" connection. My dealer said it wasn't covered under warranty and a new switch costs about $18.00

I don't mind the $18.00 as long as it works. Has anyone else had problems with the connections or was it a one time fluke. The lighting assembly still worked without the switch when I direct wired the system. I might end up at the local hardware store and get a better switch.

The bike runs great otherwsie..............

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