Sep 12, 2007
this is right off the sticky
-im 5'8'' arond 170 lbs half muscle half fat
-ill be agrssive when i get used to it
-ill mostly ride woods and maybe a track once in a while
-i do have a lil experiance with dirt bikes but i have alot with quads
-i am michanicly inclined and will probly do my own work
-i like kawasaki alot but will buy other brands and i dont have a prefrance on 2 or 4 stroke
-i have a dealer that sells honda, yamaha, kawasaki and suzuki.
- i will spend around 2000 (most likely buy used or finace)
-i live in michigan
-last but least im 15
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Feb 26, 2007
yeah I'd say a 125 2stroke as well or a 250 four stroke... May I suggest a yamaha..... i am a little biased. 125 has plenty of power for you.

Brad V

Jul 4, 2007
i got a crf 230f, and its a cool bike but slow for me. i say go with a 250F. and i suggest a yamaha 2. Man im lookin at the 250F and i want one sooo bad, but thats what happens when you rush 2 buy a bike before you shop around. so look in auto traders and stuff, and go ride a bunch before you buy, so you will know what you feel comfortable on.
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