looking at 1984 xl600 or 1984 cr500


Jul 16, 2007
Hi all.

I'm a 'car guy' looking for some cheap summer fun. I've got a little experience on street bikes, never rode a dirt bike before. I live in los angeles, and am thinking of picking up a dual sport bike.

Guy here is selling 2 bikes, both are 1984 one is a xl600 other is a cr500. He seems desperate to sell each and I think I could pick up either for a little less than a grand if I try hard and am serious, I've made an inquiry and am waiting for a reply.

I'm a skinny guy, 6 feet 170 lbs. just looking for some cheap fun without having to sink any money into anything. Can anyone tell me anything about these bikes. are they too much motor? I've only ridden a small 250 cc street bike. but I've taken motor cycle course.

Plan to do some around town riding, and maybe take it to the middle of nowhere and toy around, nothing serious, don't want to mod.

I think I'm more interested in the xl600 because it's dual sport, but know nothing about the bike. what would I look for?



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Nov 20, 2000
lost in the deserts of NM
The XL, for 2 reasons.
1- Its already street legal. The CR would be a blast on the street, but would need a lot of stuff to be pavement ready.

2- Parts availability. Both are '84's? The XL will be far easier to find parts for if/when something breaks. And the chances of something breaking is less to begin with on the XL. They werent built to be light and fast, just strong touqey and reliable.

Just keep in mind theyre BOTH 23 years old!
Major stuff can go wrong even with anvil reliable XL's......as i've unfortunatley found out...... :( :|
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