Oct 29, 2002
I don't know alot about them. Im 31 now and I remember as a kid they were everywhere. The one I am looking at only has 8900 original miles on it and is pretty good shape save for faded plastics and paint. It runs real well, but I havent ridden it yet. A friend of mine has and he says its a pretty good running bike. I mainly deal with older pre 75 2 stroke bikes and I am looking for something to get back and forth to work on via back roads.

Im not even sure if this bike could be taken on the hwy could it? Whats a decent hwy speed if it has it? The guy that owns it doesnt know, he used it for a woods bike maybe 3 times a year.

Anyway, I dont know alot about them. He has papers from a local honda shop that did a valve adjustment and a new head gasket about a year ago.

Fill me in if you know anything about these bikes.
Im all ears.
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