May 22, 2007
1) your physical size (both height and weight are important)

6'2" - 230

2) How physical / aggressive are you ?


3) what do you plan to ride-

MX/SX tracks, woods, fields, gravel pits, anywhere I can go

4) Do you have any riding experience?

ATV and snowmobile, no motorcycle

5) Do you think you will race ?

nope, just against my friend's quad

6) Are you mechanically inclined and will you be doing your own bike work?

mechanically inclined, no. own work, as much as possible. Would love to learn.

7) Do YOU have a preferance to a brand/ motor choice (2 or 4 stroke)?

Not really, whichever is more reliable

8) Do you have a dealer close by your home that you might use and what brand(s) does he carry?

Not a problem

9) How much ($) do you plan to spend on a bike?

hopefully under 3k

10) Do you live in California?


11) Your age?


12) anything else that you think would help form an opinion

I want something that can let me jump and not break any thing (this is me hoping I don't crash), and maybe beat up my buddies quad in a drag race.. Been around snowmobiles and atv's my whole life, never been on a motorcycle.
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