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Jun 30, 1999
Went riding yesterday at TNT with James and a guy named Mike Bick. We are all close in speed for the most part.

I have been on 4 strokes since 2001 and the last 2-stroke was a 1993 YZ/WR 250. Bought a 2001 Gas Gas 250 XC from Wrench and really, really like it. The engine pulls great and the 6 speed is surprisingly more comfortable than I expected as I am used to 5 speeds.

Got the GG off the trailer and started her up and the bike was leaking gas like I had pulled the fuel line. The float was obviously stuck.

I tried tapping it with a wrench and kicking it with my boots but that didn't work either. I thought of pulling the carb but said to hell with it and went to the woods track and bounced around.

I am NOT capable of riding a track at all anymore. I just do not have any confidence at all on any jump. It isn't just b/c it is a two stroke, although I had some issues there too.

I stopped to get a breather and let my arms stop being numb and turned the gas off. Then I did another lap, just rolling things (knowing the gas was off) and let it run dry. Turned the gas back on and waited.

No leak.

Kicked it back to life and rode the rest of the day without a leak. I was hoping that by running it dry I sucked whatever was in there out and loosed the float needle.

The bike ran extremely well. It has a little squeek on the front end that I thought was the axle at first but the bike rolls so smooth and easy I ruled that out and finally figured out it is just the brake rotor and pad. The pad doesn't retract all the way back. I probably just need to work on the caliper a little and bleed the brakes.

I have a bit of a leaky fork seal right now but I have a flexible plastic seal cleaner so I'll pull the dust cover and try to clean it. I really don't want to take the time to pull it apart and put new seals in right now.

The only problem I had was on really rocky or rutted areas. I was extremely indecisive. I don't have confidence in how the power will be delivered or more importantly how the bike reacts when I chop the throttle. On a 4 stroke I am a lot more comfortable in that stuff but it will just take time.

James was flying. After half the ride he passed us and was gone. I swear I thought he was struggling a little but I guess we were just too slow for him.

I could keep him in sight until we got to some ruts or something and then my indecisiveness slowed me down.

Bick hung back and GoPro'd things. He posted this 6 minute clip.

Don't laugh thinking you could run that fast b/c even though I know it's true it was still fun!!!



Dec 31, 1969
Nice! Thanks for the post, good to see some of the "old timers" back on the bike. And man, those are my kind of "woods" ! Looks like a good time.


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Jun 30, 1999
Yeah... I chose TNT b/c I have ridden there since 1999 and know the place well in case I had issues adapting to a smoker.

I feel confident enough on that to go to a few more places like Brusy and some of the tighter parts of Durhamtown in Ga.

The Gas Gas is really really good in the tighter stuff and once I get comfortable on the more open 4th/5th gear stuff I think I will be just as slow... err... fast... as I was on the YZF's.

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