Lower Steering Stem Bearing Removal Method


Oct 2, 2006
I went to replace the steering bearing set on my yz 250 and the manual said to wedge the lower bearing off of the stem with a chisel and a BFH. I didnt think that sounded like a good idea, so I turned to the dirt rider forum search function and read descriptions of all sorts of good methods to pull it off. One of them involved pressing the whole stem down and out of the lower triple clamp to remove the bearing. Then you press the stem back into the lower triple clamp. This seemed to be a feasible idea so I set about it. While looking at the parts, I realized that if I pried the bearings and keeper off the bearing itself, it would leave me a ridge high enough above the lower triple clamp and stops to get a bearing splitter on. I spent 30 seconds and pried the tappered rollers and keeper off, then applied a 30 dollar OTC bearing splitter. Than I used a wheel puller I already had with some all thread arms, and voila, the bearing popped off in seconds. This may not seem better than any other method except you can do this with the forks still in the lower clamp. You can press off and then press on a new bearing without even loosening the lower fork bolts. I did it and it took minutes.

Getting the stuck race out was a different story...


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