Mar 13, 2000
I know that Ricky Carmichael's bike is shorter than a stock KX-250. I had heard that he shaved his seat to accomodate his stature, but I noticed recently that when he lines up next to another KX on the starting line, his whole bike is lower.

Does anyone know where I can get information on what he did, or what's advisable for lowering a YZ-125 to accomodate a shorter (5'5") rider. I've ridden with my bike at stock height for a year (with the sag set properly for my weight, of course). On flat ground, I can touch the ground with the balls of my feet. But trying to get a foot down on uneven ground is next to impossible. One guy at the shop told me that I would compromise the handling characteristics if I cut the suspension, but since I'm not racing, I wonder how much it would matter.

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Darryl R.
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Dec 6, 2000
You can lower the forks and shock at least 1 inch front and rear. Then you can slide forks up to the upper limit and change the linkage on the rear. The total drop is close to 2 inches and does not affect handling. I know MX-Tech will do it since I've already talked to them about doing it to my girlriends '00 YZ125. I'm sure any good suspension guy could do it. As long as your going that far you should have it valved and sprung for your weight and ability. It ends up costing a little but it sure makes ridding more fun if you are comfortable with your bike.

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Mar 9, 2001
I'm seeing alot of riders w/ lowered suspensions and I hear race tech and PC
have lots of info. My daughter is going 125yz
and I'll be doing the same thing and should have more info. on Monday

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Apr 21, 2000
I'm 5'5" and race an '01 YZ 125 and had Wilkey (MX-Tech) do my suspension (revalve and springs) and it has helped a lot but the bike is still a little tall. I've heard a lot of different opinions on shaving seat foam... quite a few people don't think it's the best idea.

As far as RC's bike - I've heard that it's all tricked out... the subframe is cut down, the pegs are higher up, the suspension is all different...

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Pete Payne

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Nov 3, 2000
You can lower both ends of the bike. Both the forks and shock have to be completely disassembled . Spacers have to be built to limit the travel and go between the shock top out plate and internal bumper(for the shock) and on the forks the same applies and they go inside the cartridge to limit the travel. This is better left to a qualified suspension tuner.


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