May 2, 2001
Any truth to the rumors?

- Chevy/Kawasaki roster has Paul Carpentar listed as an addition with Lusk not being mentioned. Where's Ezra?

- M2R has sponsored Pastrana but listed him as bike brand unknown...

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Nov 9, 1999

Oops. Looks like Lusk is on blue

Looks like last week's report of Ezra Lusk's signing with Kawasaki for one more year has turned out to be exactly what we should have said it was: a rumor. According to some fairly reliable sources in Georgia (DMXS Radio's Kevin Kelly and Joey Casey), Lusk is already shaking down his new Mach One Motorsports Yamaha race bikes.

Lusk rode a Kawasaki this year, and even won the Phoenix Supercross back in January, but his results tapered off after that and he was not a factor indoors or outdoors. Maybe this change of scenery is all he needs....

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Jan 5, 2002
That's odd, my buddy (grew up with him) talked to him a month back and he said he just signed on with Kawasaki. I'll talk to him in the next couple of days and get the scoop.
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