Sep 30, 2000
Thanks to all who attended DW01 and your many kind remarks. The truth of the matter is that Okie and the moderators could go to great lengths (and they do) to make Dirtweek the best possible event for the members, but it is the PEOPLE who attend who make it what it is.
Old guy (in another DW post) alluded to the "atmosphere" at Dirtweek. It is indeed very difficult to convey the feeling in words. The people who come have a real passion for the sport, but this "atmosphere" is created by the generosity, caring and willingness to help each other out, to share whatever they have, be it material things, food, their time, whatever. People who come from all over the country, driving many, many hours and willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Then to find upon their arrival, an instant warmth and a feeling of belonging.
I believe I can speak for the entire Okie clan in stating that we all feel so very privileged to be a part of this, to be able to spend time with all of you and to know that you all feel that way too.
One more thing, how wonderful it is to see riders encouraging and rooting for each other, no matter the skill level, whether an A, B,C rider or one who has just taken up the sport.
Thanks again to all of you for making Dirtweek so much fun. We are so blessed to be associated with such a fine bunch of people

Come on DW02!!

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Jan 6, 2001
His back swelled up like a balloon today. He's in quite a bit of pain. I put ice on it and he's sleeping now. Hopefully he'll be better in the morning. That was one nasty crash he had.

Thanks for asking Slo Mo

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Nov 9, 1999
Well said Shiftless

What a great group of people. :cool: :cool:

I would also like to express my appreciation of the people that operate Lincoln Trail Motorsports, they gave us an exceptional place to gather. I e-mailed them yesterday and thanked them for all they did to make DW a success. They are top notch. :)


Nov 17, 2000
DITTO! Now I know why everybody was (is) so inspired to get to DIRTWEEK, WAAAAAAAY better than I could imagine, GREAT PEOPLE
LTM did a great job to get the MX track in shape after the rains, and keep it in shape! The enduros, hare scrambles, mxs, way to much fun.
Im tired I have to go take a nap now!

Only 363 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:


Jun 8, 1999
I agree with everything that you said but I feel that we ( non moderatin spodes) owe the Okie clan and all the mods who put on a GREAT event a hung debt of gratitude for the week and for putting up with us for the rest of the year for that matter.


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Sep 12, 2001
Ditto what Shiftless said

Mom - You beat me to it! Thats what I wanted to say exactly. TTR Guy and I were talking about this Saturday night and the thing that struck us the most was the sharing of parts, knowledge, food and friendship. Where else could you go, know no-one and have the best vacation!!!! Fast4wrd and I had a great time. I finally got to meet Thump, who I couldnt say goodbye to without crying :( I met some incredible people... Billywho, excuse me that Busterwho now, TTR Guy, Oldguy, Trudy, No Mo, Papakeith, there is just too many people to mention, but everyone I got to meet was great! Rich, OT, Jen and AJ it was great to see you guys there!! I cant wait until next year, I think that was all the Okie clan could talk about on the trip home. Take care and see you all next year!!
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Nov 25, 1999
Thanks Shiftless!

After my crash:( , Shiftless saw to it that a muscle spasm reducing agent fell out of the sky and into my hand. I really needed that. I was very touched at the awards ceremony and wished I had thought of "DRN Mom" myself. Great job Okie. :cool:
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