Making 1st gear faster/2nd gear slower for trails!


Sep 30, 2000
I just got back from a long, twisty, rocky, and muddy trail ride on my KX100, and an obvious problem surfaced. I was either revving the crap outta my bike in 1st gear, or feathering the clutch constantly in 2nd gear/bogging it down. What can I do to a) make 1st gear faster or b) make 2nd gear slower without making that much of an averse effect? I know that my bike will be much faster in 1st gear with a Pro Circuit pipe, because my buddy has this pipe on his KX100, and compared to mine, it is much faster in 1st gear, and therefore more usable for the trail. However, $150 is a lot to make just 1st gear faster, and with a pipe like that, I'm afraid it will be too hard to ride in the trails successfully. Let me know what you think I should do, thanks a lot.

PS---I am also thinking of adding a Flywheel weight---what weight should I use, and will this make my bike slower, or just make it have better torque? Thanx


May 20, 2001
Your friends bike will not be a whole lot faster if the only difference is a pipe. The only difference the pipe can make, is let the bike rev out a little farther, and so he would be revving it out even more.

You are pretty much looking at lowering gearing to get 2nd gear shorter. A few teeth larger rear sprocket should do the trick.

Also, if your friends bike sounds nicer even if he goes faster in a low gear, maybe you should consider repacking your silencer. If the packing is in bad shaped, the new stuff will give you some low-end pull.


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Aug 31, 2000
No problems Blinkme7182.
Buzz (while not vying for the post of the year award) does have a point.;)
You can do one of three things to change your gearing.
  1. Get a smaller front sprocket and a larger rear sprocket if you want to cruise around in second
  2. Get a larger front sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket if you want to scoot along in first all day!
  3. Tear into the cases and replace the gears you have with different 1st or 2nd gears
    Well, I suppose you could mess with rim size. . . but I'd stick with one of the first three:D


Sep 5, 1999
Go down one on the front sprocket, It's easer to change before a race
and cheeper. You would not regret getting the flywheel weight or metal
cluch plates.

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