Jun 8, 2001
Hi there.

Anyone has had good results with Maxima PVC?
I bought a bottle recently and didn't really know whether it's really effective. I noticed that the engine runs smoother(to justify my purchase...)

Anyway, what's the content of the Maxima PVC? It claims that it removes carbon build-up in the engine.
Any adverse effect from using it?

I emailed Maxima asking whether if using 1 ouce:2 gal ratio everytime I top up my fuel tank is excessive or detrimental and he replied that I can use as much as I like and the only thing detrimental is my wallet.

Please advise.

70 marlin

Mi. Trail Riders
Aug 15, 2000
might be worth a try?

the consensus is, if you keep your bike jetted correctly and you use high quality premix oil you should have minimal build up© and should be fine© till top end maintenance time© but with what a pain in the bottom end servicing the P/V is it's worth a try!

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