MC shops are bad - what to do?


Jun 25, 2000
A month ago i ordered new springs from a local shop and they said it should come on monday but atleast on tuesday. I took my car the 35km to the shop on wednesday just to make the 35km trip home again without the springs, they came next day. Did the trip again and picked them home. Took apart the forks and found out i got the wrong springs! So back to the shop again to give them back. They called their supplier and came with the conclusion it was wrong and they ordered the right ones. Now im standing with my bike and its forks apart and waiting, it took 3 weeks to get the correct springs. Nice enought he took $10 of the price due to the issue.

Last week i ordered a pair of bushings for my forks of another company by mail and i was suprised to get them only two days later in my mailbox. So i went out in the garage and took the forks apart again and guiss what? The bushings were the wrong size! I told them its a '00 rm125 and they are a suspension tuning company, how damn hard can it be to send the correct size? I called them and they said send it back and we will send the correct size. I told them to take off the shipping costs cause i have to pay to send the wrong stuff back and he didnt seem to understand me at first. I dont want to pay a penny more than i have to on their already overpriced stuff due to their incompetence. I havent got the right size yet so i have to see what happends.

All MC shops i have dealed with in my country all are bad in one or the other way. Its like they dont care, what in the world should i do?


Feb 20, 2002
So, how are you doing, endosports? Honestly. Been thinking about it myself.


Jul 9, 2003
you can't make money at a motorcycle shop you have to do it because you love it not for the money cause there is none. You mainly will deal with people that want a POS turned into a diamond and not spend any money on it I would be very weary of the whole idea.


Nov 7, 2001
yeah man. Thats always been my "if I win the lottery" thing. If money wasnt an issue, Id do nothing but work on bikes every day. If I hit a jackpot, Im gonna set myself up with a kick ass shop and just have fun.

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