Aug 4, 2000
Seems like someone just asked this, but I can't find it with a search, so here goes: Where are some good places to ride near Memphis/Somerville? I'm in Memphis for the next two to three months. I brought my bike and trailer and would like to find a nice MX track that has plenty of practice sessions. Also wouldn't mind finding some good trail areas. Wouldn't be adverse to hooking up with a few DRN'ers either :eek:

Northern MS orWestern AR would be good too. Just don't want to drive to Nashville or Knoxville.

Checked the MXA listings and seems like Pontac, MS may be my best bet. The listing for Covington didn't seem to have open practice.



Sep 20, 1999
you sure picked the hottest time of the year to come over! there are mx tracks in somerville, covington, pontotoc, & ripley, tn, within easy striking distance. there are lots of trails in a ms state park around the corner from the pontotoc mx track, but other than that, public trail riding in the area is pretty limited right now due to land closures. lots of people don't ride that much in the heat of the summer, but if you'll email me, i'll try to hook you up.

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