Meridian track


Jan 5, 2002
Those of you within 30-45 minutes of Meridian may want to know that there's a track just south of town. It's been there for a couple years (a grandfather built it for his grandson to practice on), we use it as a practice track now. It's got one tabletop, six doubles, a chicane and a bunch of turns. Hard pack mostly (especially when dry--very dusty), except up to 4 days after a good rain--gets pretty loamy. There's probably 6-8 of us that ride there now. Mostly YZ250f's, a couple 125's, a 250 or two, and sometimes a mini or two. It's got a couple of tricky jumps (not huge, just prone to developing kickers). The owner box blades the track 2 or 3 times a week (which makes the track smoother although he usually blades the turns too so we lose the ruts). It's open 7 days a week (no lights or sprinklers) and cost is $10 a day. It's got an honor box when you first pull in, and you'll see, the owner is VERY determined to get his money! He's planning on holding a race there in a couple (2-4) weeks or so. If anyone wants directions, just ask here, and I'll be happy to post them. We want more riders out there, as more people start to come, the owner spends more and more energy on the track, so it's better for everyone! There's another track that's been built in the infield of a local go-kart track, but it's pretty pathetic. Although, if the owner of that track sees there is potential to attract more riders, he's also willing to expand!