Apr 29, 2001
Just came back from the enduro, and have to say you Colorado guys know how to ride rocks. How depressing to be going as fast as you can down a steep rocky trail, just to have someone pass you. Not just pass, but gas it, wave and yell thanks all at the same time. HEY, don't take your hands off the bars there (i'm hanging on for dear life at the time, front and rear full lock, engine dead).
BTW, I slid off the trail accidentally, but you welcome none the less.

You enduro guys really ROCK.

See ya next year


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Mar 16, 2000
I didn't do very well but two of my buddies did great. One of them Reynome won the Vet class. Congrads Reynome!! My other Buddy, finished second in the Vet class. (Reynome beat him by 3 seconds. They had a great battle.)

The only problems was the dust. It can get pretty interesting when you mix dust, rocks and trees together.

will pattison

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Jul 24, 2000
yeah, i'll say...that dave neumiester fella must be a whiz. he smoked us all in the gp on saturday, then whupped the field on sunday. he dropped a completely ridiculous 4.something on the long course. i thought i was having a great day (until i burned check 9) because i only dropped 5 before the short/long split!

for those who haven't been, the mile high is a classic happening. now, with the grand prix added to to the enchiladas at the western bar as bonus activities, there are more reasons than ever to attend.

i hadn't ridden an enduro in 13 years, but i will definitely not miss this one again!



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Jan 1, 2001
Not that this is relavent...

I rode the Mile High in 1985. Gotta admit it was the longest day of my life.


Sep 1, 1999
I thought it was a good race, it was my first time there and the terrain was not what I was expecting. I think Del Norte has more rocks but for me the rocks at Cloudcroft were harder to ride. Those cobble stone rocks would turn your front tire like twisting your ankle. The event was fun and we all had a good time! Montrose here we come!

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