minor bike probs


Hi guys.Bike encountered some minor probs don't know whether any of u guyz can help rectify it.

I parked my bike as normal at the carpark and yesterday when I started the bike the horn produce no sound,signal lights,taillights and the headlights failed to produce any light.Any of u encountered this prob b4 or knows what the prob is?the engine is fine only the lights and horn not working.
Btw, bike is a ktm2

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Check for blown fuses in the system, or maybe corrosion on the connections (check the power to the horn and light first as they have individual grounds most likely). That would be my guess as electrical faults never creep up on you. They either work or they don't. If you have a wiring harness schematic that might help locate connections, but you can probably just trace everything as there are very few places to hide wires on a scoot.