Modified 250 2 strk leaking water in the exhaust?


Mar 20, 2000
First of all I am talking about a buddy of mine's Honda 250R quad. He's a pro racer and has a race this weekend. Sorry for asking about a quad engine but this is not necessarily quad specific, just 250 2 stroke specific, so hopefully someone can help. He has just had the head ported and he pressure tested it after he got it back. Everything checks out. The head gasket is good and the head has been torqued down to spec. This is what happens: When he first starts it after it has been running, white smoke comes out of the exhaust apparently from water getting in the head. It stops after a few seconds. Also after he shuts it off, it looks like steam comes out the exhaust. It also smells like antifreeze. His antifreeze level has not dropped enough to notice.
How could water just be getting in the head? Head gasket has been replaced twice. This has everyone here stumped. Anyone have any ideas?
Apologies for the engine being in a quad, I just thought if anyone had answers, the folks here would. If this is not appropriate I apologize again. Thanks for any help.


David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Sorry dude but the waterpump seal would only let water into the gearbox. Find a leak down tester or build one. For instructions check out the article on the macdizzy site which is quad biased. You may find the head is warped or the cylinder has broken through into the exhaust port & may only leak when hot. Keep an eye on that water level what ever you do.

& tell him not to trail ride it! I hate meeting the damn things crossed up taking all the track
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