Feb 25, 2001
I have this problem with losing traction in ruts. There is several tracks but one in perticular that has and long downhill straight that has bad braking bumps but the braking bumps get SO SO bad towards the corner that they are almost as big as whoops. Anyway I loose some speed comming into this corner due to dragging the rear brake over the braking bumps to keep the rear wheel on the ground which works good. So comming into the corner I pick the ONLY rut that I can which will give me a good shot at a Double Double single section the first double is about a 30 foot gap second double is about 50 feet and the single shoots you into the corner. The fist double I can never make because my rear tire just spins in the rut . What can I do to stop it from just spinning. I try leanin back while in the rut but I loose balance and highside. The only way at the moment I can make that first double is to Seat bounce off the face of the jump which throws me sky high and front wheel in the vertical position which is scarry because I land vertical even with the rear wheel locked in the air. Any help would be great.

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Nov 12, 1999
cross rut the entire corner. meaning ignore the ruts all together, and cross them like you would a set of railroad tracks on a road bike. it is another way to corner if the ruts are not that deep.
can also use this technique in the mud.

worth a try anyway

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