Jul 27, 2007
I have a small bike (1960s Kawasaki J1TL) and I really do not want to buy a trailer just to haul it around. I was looking at the Versahaul VH-55 RO from hitchcarriers, does anyone have any experience with these things. I have a full size Blazer so the wieght is not a problem. Any help would be great, Thanks.


May 3, 2001
Not that particular one but I've seen many different ones and they all work well. I made my own for ~$75 (steel, MIG wire, paint) and it's been great...don't even know the bike's back there, it doesn't move at all, etc. In fact, I had to make up 3 more for friends and we all use them if we just have a single bike since it's easier than dealing with a trailer. One of these guys has a pickup truck but prefers this since it's so easy to load and unload the bike.

The one you pointed to is a bit pricey and I'm not sure the extra receiver out the back is something I'd use. One reason I say this is because this one is for sale here locally Click


Apr 28, 2007
This may be a little late, sorry.

I have an addabike which I like very well. It uses an arm which holds the bike steady, and eliminates the need for tiesdown. It works real slick. The tires are immobilised with small ties.

I used both the arm and tiesdown when I transported my dr200, but that's because I'm a scaredycat.;) Overkill, I'm sure.

Here's a search where others have discussed these types of carriers.


In the third thread sapper33 discusses building a hitch mount similar to dougroost's.
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