Jan 30, 2007
1) I am 5ft 3 and weigh 64kg
2) Moderately aggresive
3) Going to ride Half woods and trail and half MX
4) riding 2 years
5) Yes for racing
6) Can do my own work
7) thinking 2 stroke cause thats what I can afford

Im 16 years old and live in New Zealand, ive been riding a 91 KDX200 (with mods) for the past year and am thinking of getting into motocross. Im not sure what bike to get, im thinking of a 125 between the years of 2001 to 2004

Will a 125 have as much power as my kdx did, I've heard they have no bottom end, if so how does the rest of the power compare to the kdx.

If a 125 is the way to go what would be the best brand and year to go for, I have noticed that the Suzuki's won multiple shootouts. Also anyone know how long a 125 will roughly last on a tank of gas.

Thanks for the help. :ride:


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Jan 8, 2000
I had a '91 KDX too. I moved from that bike to a 1999 KX125. I loved my KX125. Great on the track and a hoot in the woods. I would whole-heartily endorse a step-up from a KDX to a KX125.


Apr 23, 2001
A big difference will be the much lighter feel. I'd guess peak power will be close, with the mx bikes having more, but the KDX will have better power at lower rpms. Just be ready to use the clutch and have good throttle control.
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