Must reads for newbies into Dirt riding?


Any websites,books, or magazines that a newbie should read? I already know how to ride since I have rode my friends' xr100,yz80,blaster,etc. I am just looking into what maintenece work is needed and how to diagnose/spot engine problems when buying. I am trying to do a lot of research. Thanks.


Do yourself a favor and become a subscriber here. That gives you the ability to search the archives. That alone is worth the $12 or whatever. Every topic known to off road riding has been covered here many many times. Just type in what it is you want info on and it's right here.


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Damn Yankees
I've always felt that Watership Down and The Tawny Scrawny Lion should be required reading when deciding to ride a dirt bike. Oh, and who can forget One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.


I haven't read Rick Seimen's book ( but I have heard it is very very good) but I do know that he is a genuine motorcycling guru. His Don't Ask column at is great!!! I heard he used to write for dirbike magazine but I wouldn't know for sure...that was a bit before my