Apr 15, 2007
So I think I've figured out what I want for a bike. But I'm hoping to get some help on making it better for what I've going to ride.

I want an MX bike, looking at an 02 Honda CR250R. I've looked at an '04 KDX 220R, but it just didn't quite sit right for me even though the KDX would be better for Trail riding.

While I will be spending a fair amount of time at the track(its really close), most of the offroad areas around here are filled with trees, hills and lots and lots of mud and skeg. I've seen a few common things to help on the trails, so I'm hoping to get a full list, and some ideas on others:

-> Hand gaurds: for obvious reasons
-> Bigger rear sprocket/smaller front: more torque, but is there a general rule of thumb, or does it depend on the bike?
-> Flywheel weight: again, rule of thumb of bike dependant?
-> Spark Arrestor(legally need anyways)
-> Lights: any one use mountain bike lights?
-> Airbox/intake: best ways to seal it, or anyone ever snorkel it?

-> skid plates: How extreme to get with these? On my truck(the project anyway), it's pretty much fully skid plated from the bumper to the rear diff. Would simaler be appropriate for a bike? A solid plate bent upwards in front of the front of the lower rad, then going all the way under the bike to the swing arm. Weld some nuts to the frame and bolt the plate on.

-> fork gaurds: I really like inverted forks (the look cool and personally think they are designed better), but you can't get boots for them. So is there any way to prevent mud packing up on the back of the leg where there is no gaurd?

anything else anyone can recomend?

jim f.

Mi. Trail Riders
Jul 2, 2005
i have a 03 cr125, the airbox is stock. flywheel weight and handgaurds are a must, weight will keep you from stalling during panic braking. I don't have lights but I don;t ride at night.
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