Dec 31, 1969
KDX Front (MX) Number Plate Installation

By: Canadian Dave

If you’ve damaged your headlight or you’re just looking to give your KDX some MX styling here’s a look of what a few other KDXers have done.


Thanks Mike (ratmloud) Thanks Dan ( Acutemp )

Any KX 125/250 number plate should work fine so it’s just a matter of choosing the one you like best.


The conversion is very straightforward but like any retro fit its going to require a little imagination to get a nice factory look. To get things started you’ll need to remove your headlight and unplug the wiring leading to the headlight assembly. There are a number of different approaches to attaching the number plate. Most people will trim the excess material from behind the number plate ( where it butts up against the KX’s inverted forks). This will allow it to fit as close as possible to the triple clamps. You can then use quick ties to affix the number plate to the forks and drill a hole or two holes in the face of the plate to so you can bolt it to the triple clamps. You'll likely have to install washers between the number plate and triple clamp to make up the extra space. There are a number of threaded holes in the triple clamps so it’s just a matter of choosing the most appropriate location.

Sure it will require a little trimming here and there but for many it’s the answer they’ve been looking for.
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