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Oct 18, 2000
I've just been searching TV guide online and can't find any telecast MX this weekend on either ABC or ESPN2. Am I missing something? Where is last weeks Southwick race?
Mar 31, 2000
Southwick !!!

I was lucky enough to meet Sebastian Tortelli while he was walking out the track, too bad he ran into some bad luck during the moto. Best of all was picking sand out of my face every time Ricky C. railed out of the huge berms I was hanging out at. Man is he fast at southwick, Larocco wasn't no slug either, although he did fade near the end of the moto. Of course we all know what happens in the 125's, Pastrana pulled off a good pass in a real hairy section (downslope just before the huge berm and power robbing hill in the woods section) have to admit he's good....I really thought Brock Sellards was going to take the second moto on the pumpkin machine, he was looking fast and consistent, too bad. Not much for big air at Moto 338 but for high speed racing it serves well. P.S. pick your own line or your going to be eating a mixture of clay and sand !


Nov 4, 2000
I thought I taped it...

And I know I checked the times today -- but thanks to espn2's wonderful habit of pre-empting everthing mx related, I got some nhl draft deal, and some fishing.

I know it is supposed to repeat on tues., but if they are going to show it before then please leave a reply to this thread with the info. - THanks :>


Apr 2, 2001
Re: I thought I taped it...

yeah me too i also had to sit there for 45 min! just to wait tilkl the stupid NHL draft was over!:scream: :think piised me off!

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