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Oct 14, 2002
Was wondering if someone could help me out with which adjustments to make for the problem I am having. I have a 03CR250 with MX tech valving front and rear. When going through large sand whoops the bike wants to buck me off. It tracks straight, but the ass end wants to kick up hard. Any help would be appreciated.


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Dec 23, 2003
Hey Dragmeistr, well, depending on the amount of time put on the bike the issue may be a matter of rebound adjustment. I assume this because you say the bike is tracking straight. In that case it's usually a matter of adjusting the clicker settings on the shock. If it was not tracking straight and you were getting the same symptoms it's usually an indication that the shock is hardly compressing at all and is just too stiff for you but, it sounds like everything is compressing but just coming back up too fast. If rebound adjustments do not work, or you've already tried that then give our head quarters a call in Illinois and they can direct you to the person who covers the phoenix region, thus at that point it would indicate either your suspension would need physical correction. Your bike could be over sprung but again given your description this doesn't sound to be the case. Maybe try having someone watch you go through whoops and have them watch for whether or not the shock is going through a fluid compression scheme at all, or not because, like I said it could be compressing but just coming up way too fast.
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