Nov 14, 2000
Well I got the bike back in early august, I wanted to get in some time on the bike before I posted anything. Coming off a '01 CR125 I instantly felt more comfortable on the YZ. Everything felt like it was in the right place no distractions. I could feel the bottom pull on the bike good and strong with a nice smooth transition into the midrange hit with a nice wide midrange that kept pulling into the top end. I really like how it revs out on top it doesn't really give the sensation that it went flat. The bike also seems to rev faster than my CR.

The suspension is great I couldn't want anything more from it right now. no bad traits just like my CR's itionally plusher in the first couple of inches. The brakes are great nice and strong, just as strong as the honda's. I feel that the YZ is lacking only alittle bit in modulation but only alittle. Don't worry guys you won't miss 6th gear the bike hauls. Its the same basic bike just in a better package. It was hard to get rid of the CR but I'm much happier with my YZ.


Apr 2, 2001
[yeah whene i rode my bro's 00 cr125 whene it was new i got on my friends 2000 yz125 to compare and WOW what a difference i also felt more comfotable on my yz than his cr so that kinda leaned me towards the yz and im happy with it;)

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