Jul 29, 2006
I havent posted on here in awhile but... here we go...

It may not be flashy but for $2250 :ride: it is in great shape and very solid.

I spent all morning tearing the bike down and putting back together... overall i am super pleased.

All the bearings checked out... compression test was good... came with a clean air filter (always good sign)... Rims are true... no suspension leaks...

Oh.. and did i mention it has the stock chain and sprockets on? Still clean... It cant have to many hours on it.

I talked to the guy, said he practiced with it a little and raced it 3 times.

2 top ends in it so far. A fresh one was put in two weeks ago.

Im tickeled pink... In a couple months... this thing will be so trick with all the junk im gonna do to it.

oh... and i have a new set of maxxis IT's on the way for it cause these are shot.

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