My wife might come but what is there for her to do


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Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
I got quite a shock the other day when my wife was quizzing me about my plans for DirtWeek. I was saying that unless I could hookup with someone to help with the driving I probably wouldn’t go. Then she says (this is where a defibrillator would have come in handy), how about if I go with you then I could help with the driving. I was blown away. Most of the reason she offered is because we rarely are apart for more than one night, and even over night trips are rare. We enjoy each other’s company and she’ll miss that when I’m gone. I’ll miss her too so it sure would be nice to have her go with me.

The problem is, she would be bored stiff just sitting in the hotel room and just as bored being at the festivities at LTM (I may be wrong, she’s surprised me before). Is anybody else bringing their wife that has the same situation? It would make me feel better if there was someone that she could hang out with. She is into antiques, old dolls, and shopping (note to self: raise VISA limit). It would nice to have her with me but I certainly don’t want her to be miserable.

I thought there was a similar thread but I couldn’t find it.



Dec 31, 1969
She is into antiques, old dolls, and shopping
and she would be bored at DirtWeek? :p

There were several wives/better halves there last year... I have to say that most, but not all, ride. Who knows, maybe some time on a small bike might get her hooked?

Not familiar with the area enough to make suggestions, maybe some of the others have ideas?


Feb 7, 2000
My wife went in to Greenup a couple of times and said there were some antique shops and other quaint little shops on main street. Didn't go into any of them but said she would have liked to. Since she still hasn't gotten much better after her back surgery, I'm sure she would love some company for some non-riding activities. Seems like SPD's better half was considering the same thing....
Oct 10, 2000
RM_guy, my wife might go with me :) If she does we will have to hook up so they can do there thing when we are out riding;) I grew up in NewMilford Pa and my wife lived there for about 6 years, so they would allready have something to talk about. I'll e-mail ya if she plans on going.
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