N Calif Trail riding class Silver Lake & Elkins Fl

Dave Wood

Aug 8, 2000
There will be two classes. Saturday, June 30, will be held near Silver Lake and Kirkwood Ski resort. It is geared more to riders who have finished an enduro and like challenging trails. This group will cover up to 60 miles. You will need to carry water and some snacks. This area is awesome. 5500' to 8500'.

The second class will be Sunday, July 1, at Elkins Flat. This class is for riders who prefer to avoid the more dificult/expert trails. The class will cover up to 40 miles with a gas/lunch stop in camp. Bring your own lunch and water for the ride. Minis OK, we will be using beginner and Intermediate trails. 5000' to 6000'

The cost is $75.00.
Red or Green stickers and spark arresters required.
Pre-entry only, No post entrys.
I will email entry confirmation & directions when I recieve your entry.
Ten rider limit.
Please mail your entry to Dave Wood
PO Box 815
Chicago Park, CA 95712-0815

I will need the rider(s) Name
Which class?
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Dave, I was going to ask about another school myself the last one really helped a lot, I actually trophied in the A class this year twice, I would like to bring along some friends too, maybe george town? gold lake would be great.

Mike Simmons
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I urge anyone who can or is interested to follow-up with Dave on this. It's a great way to ride and learn some good, specific stuff in a great location.

Myself, I'm not sure what my summer is shaping up to be...


dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Dave Wood is an AA enduro racer who routinely scores top 5 overall in district 36 enduros against very tough competition. He was also the 2000 D-36 Sr. A cross country champion among many racing accomplishments.

He is extremely fast and knowledgeable. I have one of Dave's old race bikes and can attest that he is an expert at setting a bike up. In addition to being a nice guy and an awesome rider, Dave is also very active in land use issues in Northern California.

I would love to take the more advanced class but can't ride that weekend.
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Dave Wood

Aug 8, 2000
I was up checking the trails out at Silver Lake today. The trails are in great shape. The Horse Canyon trail still has snow on the upper portion. Several miles of trail was actually wet. Pretty fun roosting on wet trails in June, when it is 98 degrees in the valley. My first time up "Heart Attack" hill, has a couple tricky spots! Caples creek trail is in great shape, however someone has rolled many more rocks into the trail. The switchbacks out of Caples Creek are a little loose and somewhat challenging/fun. The streams are on the deep side, but crossable. All the snow should be gone by June 30th. The flowers are in full bloom along the trails. The meadows are so green and grass is very tall, I had trouble finding the trail in many spots because the grass and skunk weed is so tall. Several down trees, so we will get to practice getting over logs.

These trails are technical and I would encourage those of you with a tall first gear, to gear down. One will need to re-jet, I would suggest raising the clip one position and dropping your main jet one size. Dunlop 756's or Michlin
S-12's, with heavy duty tubes are recommended. Run a little extra air pressure, there may be a couple of rocks on the trail! :p

We will be working on several skills, including; braking, weighting the pegs, switchbacks, rocks, picking lines, getting through tight tree sections, slipping the clutch and much more. If there is a particular skill or technique you would like covered, please let me know and I'll make sure to include it.

Kali, I began riding in 1965. Spent many years riding the Golden Trout wilderness area before it was created. My family had a cabin at the Ponderosa in the Sequoia National Forest. I began racing Moto-Cross when I was 14. Turned expert in my first year. Turned Pro in 1975. My first pro race was Hangtown 75, the "MUD" race at Plymouth, CA. I raced on the Yamaha Factory support team. Earned the CMC#1 plate, in the 500 pro class. In 1980 I won 57 Pro MX races in CA. AMA National MX #97. My first Supercross was at the LA colisium, in 1974 I think? Broc Glover won the High School race, I was 11th. Qualified for a Supercross main at Oakland in 1979. 1983 won the D36 Cross Country #1 plate. 1990 won the Mammoth Mtn Old Timers MX OTHG Exp/Pro class. 97 and 98, D36 Enduro champion. The last Tecate 250K Enduro, in 97, was fourth OA, first Vet A and we won the team race as well. Took the OA at last years Jackhammer Enduro. The last Virgina City GP, took the OA on Saturday and won the Sen. A class. This years, Hollister National Hare Scrambles overalled the Sen. A race. My favorite ride, is the next one!

Have served on the AMA/D36 BOD for several years. Member of the High Sierra MC, as well as the Blue Ribbon Coalition. AMA charter life member.

I presently race a 01 CR250 for Mach 1 Motosports, Fox Racing, Factory Connection, Braking, Motion Pro and Red Line Oil.

Saturdays class is nearly full, don't wait to long, entries are limited.

Dave Wood:)


Aug 29, 2000
Any more classes, Dave?

Dave, I really wanted to sign up for your Saturday class, but family obligations pre-empted. Are you planning any future schools this summer? If so, how can I find out about them so that I can plan accordingly?


Dave Wood

Aug 8, 2000
I am planning to do another class on August 11th or 12th? Location will be Burlington ridge in Nevada County or Downieville?

The Saturday Silver Lake class has only one spot left. There are spots still open for Sundays class at Elkins Flat.

Dave Wood


Jan 2, 2001
Hi Dave,
I would love to be involved in one of your classes sometime. I have previous camping trip planned on this fourth of July weekend otherwise I would have signed up. I am very interested to learn more about riding in this area. I will be camping at Blue Lakes which is east of Kirkwood and I have ridden there before. I am always looking for new places to ride and I used to ride and hunt (almost 20 years ago) at a place between Silver and Caples lakes (I think) but I haven't been able to locate the area since then and I sure would love to ride there again. You sound like you know the area very well. How do we find out what classes you offer and their respective schedule? Is it possible you could share the locations of some of these areas to ride? I am available by email, please send me some!
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