Need a Favor-Anyone with an 03-04 RM65 or RM100



Anyone with an 03-04 RM65 or RM100 willing to take a few measurements off their front number plate for me? I have attached a picture link with the two number plates and the measurements I'm looking for. If you can help me out, that would be great. Thanks in advance! :thumb:

Just state which bike the measurements are for, and label them "A, B, C & D".
The instructions are in the picture: Click


Mi. Trail Riders
Nov 14, 2002
ok here are the measurments for the rm100 off of my kx100.

A: 10.5 inches

B: 8 inches to the bottom of the mounting hole, and 9 inches to the top, so dead center is 8.5 inches.

C: 11 Inches

D: 4 inches

there ya go!