Aug 22, 2013
Hello All,
I'm a first time dirt-bike person here and just bought a 2002 KDX220 and have the most basic Qs about it. To star... maintenance, as I do like to keep things in good shape.

Q1. What are the recommended brand/types for (a) transmission oil, (b) Coolant if leaving in Calgary Alberta, (c) Engine Oil, (d) chain cleaner, (e) brake fluid, (f) what else do I need?

I will appreciate your help on this and tips on how to keep it in good shape.

Cheers !

High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
Opinions will vary widely on those to the point of being almost a religious discussion. :)

a. I like running ATF Type-F in the transmission of 2 strokes.

b. I have always used normal antifreeze but have heard great things about Water Wetter.

c. No engine oil on the KDX. For premix oil I prefer Honda's HP-2.

d. Three-sided brush and unpressurized water from hose. To lube the chain I prefer the spray on chain wax (Maxima).

e. Motul

f. Several air filters and air filter oil / cleaner. I use PJ1 spray on air filter oil but there are many options, all of them good (except using plain motor oil...it runs off).
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