May 3, 2007
I was looking for a good offbrand 70cc dirtbike(can't afford a brand name yet), can anyone help in this decision?

I was looking at: XM-700

OR: MX dirt pro

Help in this matter will be greatly appreciated



Sep 9, 2006
If you look hard enough you can find a used 80cc for pretty cheap. my uncle found my Ke100 for $100 but it needed a new top end ($200.00) so i get that bike for $300. And my friend found a nice RM80 for $600.00

It would be better to get a brand name bike. Sure an off brand is cheap but once it breaks its all down hill and it wouldent be worth it anymore.

I dont know any off brand bikes so i cant really help you there. But keep an eye open in the paper and cycle trader and you can find some pretty cheap bikes with monimal work eeded to them.

Good luck

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