need help with 99 CR125 subframe removal......


Jul 5, 2001
I tried removing my subframe tonight on my 99 CR125, with frustrating results. I noticed the I needed to use an allen wrench on the bottom of the subframe to remove it. So I tried, but ended up stripping the thread to the allen wrench hole. Same thing with the other side too!! Are all Honda bolts torqued on like there life's depended on it? Why is it so damn hard to remove them? Now I'm stuck with 2 stripped allen wrench holes and my bike is way dirty and was about to do a COMPLETE wash down so my bike would sparkle. Any advice on how to get these out now?

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Um, you are using metric allen keys right??

A bit of heat helps break down any threadlock. A rattle gun can shock things off, an impact driver for the same reason or a centre punch to shock it.

I presume they are recessed? so it’s not fun in this case. If they aren’t you can modify the head for a cresent, or screw slot & replace.
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