Need help with wiring colors! Tailight assembly


Feb 21, 2001
I am trying to put universal tailight on my 90 KDX and I am uncertain of the colors. The bike has a brown a red wire joined, and two black and yellow striped wires that are to be joined to the taillight. The new universal tailight has a red, a black, and a black w/white stripe wires.
I am trying to figure out which of the three wires on the universal tailight am I to join together and connect to what! I appreciate the help.

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Nov 24, 1999
I should remember the color codes since I changed my tail light 2 weeks ago but I do not. Blame that on old age but with a ohm meter find out which wire goes to the outside case of the new tail light. I bet it is the black but what ever, it is your ground and one of the other 2 you can use. Now ground a lead and check the 2 wires on the bike for a short. Connect your 2 known wires and connect the other wire on the bike to either of the remaining wires on the tail light. Presto lights!:D
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