Need Parts....................

Aug 14, 2017
Sir's (I was hoping to contact Eric Gorr)...
I've been over your Book "Motocross / Off-Road Motorcycles Performance Handbook".. I've also Contacted Him, and he replied with information about Nikasile Boring and Honing. He might recall me writing him. I've recently received a 1986 CR250, which He mentions in his Book often. I got this bike as a Project to restore it, but first I'd like to make sure in Run's, possibly go through the Gears with it. I've run into a few obstacles and set backs with the Bike, Seized Piston, stripped Nuts, Bolts HPP Valve Issue's even some Part's I found in the bike Backwards. Now I'm faced with a Broken Governor Part, the "Bearing Holder" which Honda is not producing OEM Parts for.( Possibly I'll Upload a Photo). I need a replacement, Occasionally there's one on E-Bay, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can Get Parts for My 86 CR250R. How about a "New" Book
on the Sport of Motocross / Off-Road Motorcycling. Thank You...


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