Jun 6, 2002
What is th approx. weight that the stock suspension is set for?
This bike is for my 14 year old who weights 128 lbs with no gear. Should any mods be made to the bike..EG larger sprocket etc..
Thanks for your help.


Nov 14, 2000
It should be able to handle up to like 150 lbs easy, just set the sag, and make sure the clickers are at stock and go from there. Ride it stock first, looks like alot of people were upping the it by one tooth in the rear, and I guess an aftermarket pipe helps wake it up. Lowering the main one size and dropping the clip to #2 suppose to help it clean up in jetting. I'm only going by what owners of the '03's have told me, I was really checking them out but I ended up with an '04 instead. I was like a heart beat away from getting an '03, one of the things I was looking into doing, was it looked like the '04 RM fork gaurds bolt pattern matches the '03 and you could do a simple upgrade to the new style brake hose routing.
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