New 2004 YZ250, looking for baseline setup


Aug 18, 2007
I just bought a 2004 YZ250. Ive been a quad rider for 8 years and this is my first bike. I plan on doing alot of aggresive woods riding (well after I learn how to ride it :) ) and some light MX with it, and would like some baseline suspension and general setup specs.

Im probably 190lbs with gear, what are some good clicker settings to start at? Also how much sag?

What should the jetting be? Im at sea level, it has a 50 pilot and a 178 main, right now. The pilot seems alittle big, havnt had it opened up to check the main.

It has a Pro Circuit Platnum pipe on it. I also have the stock pipe. Which is going to give the best low end/smoothest power?

What size flywheel weight? I was thinking of a 9oz. so i would still rev for MX. Also alot of my trails are open. Is a 9oz. good compromise or should I go bigger?

What kind of tire preasure?

Ay other general tips or tips specific to this bike would be appreciated too.

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