new and looking to get into dirtbikes.


Nov 3, 2003
hi all im new to the dirtbike scene i suppose ive rode them before but ive never owned one. i was looking to get a honda cr125 or a cr 250 mid to late 80's. do u guys think these bikes would be good for a new rider yet i would be able to keep it for awhile without getting tired of it. i have always owned hoda atvs and never really had a major problem with em and when i did it was easy to find help so i figured id stay with honda. plus im 18 and around 170 if that helps. thanks


Dec 16, 2003
If you are looking for an older bike you might look at a late 80's/early 90's yamaha wr. Being that it was made more for enduro type riding, you might find one in better shape than a motorcross type bike. I have 4 motorcycles and 2 quads and my old 89 YZ250WR has never given me trouble other than a couple of plugs. Easy to ride too.
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