May 29, 2007
Is there a 2 stroke race bike that i could ride trails with once in a while, if so what is it. Need help because i cant afford to have two bikes.


May 22, 2006
correct me if i'm wrong here, but wouldnt a 250 2 stroke be easier in more technical stuff just because the power isnt in one big hit like the 125, but instead has "silly" power pretty much throughout?


May 10, 2007
You can ride any MX bike in the trails. I went out in some pretty tight trails last weekend on my crf with some friends. One was on my old 02 rm 250 with an EG 265 kit, the other on a 94 cr 125. No one had any trouble, though at the end of the day the guy on the rm felt like his arms were gonna fall off, while the guy on the 125s left hand was pretty sore. I like the 250f for woods, its got enough bottom end but isnt as much of a handfull as the rm. I dont get to ride too much so I'm out of shape, which is the main reason for the switch to thumper. Any way you go theyre all a blast, just require a different riding style.
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