Oct 7, 2002

I got my pair from u at dirtweek and have only wore them while on the bike once. I have put them on and worn them around the house as to try and get use to them (no laughing please). They seem to be working themselves down a little. When I wore them on my bike I had to pull them up like a inch or two. Do I need to adjust them tighter or something? If so where?

Also I see in other threads and after talking to u and others the leg wont totally straighten up, my question is when I tighten up the fiber cables on both sides at what point should I feel them stop movement? I ran the indicator all the way down/in and tried to adjust but was not sure where to stop and what to feel forlook for while adjusting.

thanks for great deal and I will ride with John (RaRa) this weekend so he can try my size on.



Apr 15, 2002
on my cell braces i usually dont have trouble with them slipping. I dont think you have them tight enough. When you tighten them dont just pull on the two cords that are at the bottom. pull all the strings so that it tightens evenly and doesnt leave any room for slack. if you do that they wont slip.
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